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Message From Chairman

Our Hospital was established by Professor Dr. Adel Sadek in 2000 aspiring to provide the highest quality of care for patients with mental health problems and for those who suffer from drug abuse. A dream of its founder that became reality.

In 2004, Professor Dr. Hisham Sadek carried the legacy of his father and mentor for providing more support and ensuring a health care quality for those patients and their care givers.

And now, we are following the steps of the Hospital’s great founders to help our patients to live a healthy, productive and fulfilled life through highly selected consultants and specialists who strive for excellence to help and support patients.

Why Us

  • We have a highly trained and qualified team of mental health professionals who are committed to provide the best medical service and post discharge follow up and care for our patients.
  • We operate within a friendly environment to help our patients feel comfortable and relaxed, enabling them to express their feelings and thoughts to a caring team who are sensitive to their needs.
  • We provide pre-discharge planning for each of our patients to have a clear management plan following their discharge home which ensures continuity of care in the community.
  • We provide full support to our patient’s families through family groups and continuous communication, as we believe they have an important role in ensuring the success of therapy.
  • We respect our patient’s privacy thus for those who feel reluctant to come to the hospital and would like to keep their identity hidden, we allow them to be admitted under a different name and ensure confidentiality.

Treatment package

  • In addition to pharmacotherapy, our treatment package includes psychotherapy, art therapy, music therapy and spiritual education.
  • We promote a healthy life style through exercising in our gym which is fully equipped with the latest exercise equipment. We also provide recreational areas including a cinema, a library, a dome café, an ICT lab, pool tables, and table tennis; in addition to spending time in our state of the art garden and enjoying refreshments served by our garden café.

To provide high quality care and an efficient and reliable service for patients who suffer from mental health difficulties and their families.

  • Providing an excellent inpatient and outpatient treatment package that meets the needs of our patients whether their needs are emotional, physical or social.
  • Providing continuous training and education for our staff to keep their knowledge and skills up to date with the most recent developments in mental health care.
  • Raising awareness and educating patients and their families about psychiatric disorders to prevent relapse and ensure compliance of patients, which also aims to reduce the stigma that patients face.