Child Psychiatry

Our children are likely to suffer from emotional pain as much as we do. A child under the age of ten can have depressive feelings, anxieties, troubles with his sleep and frightening nightmares that wakes him up feeling very distressed and scared.

Children find it hard to talk about their feelings and thoughts, their emotional pain is expressed in various ways e.g. bed wetting, loss of appetite, insomnia, having tics or behavioral changes such as being aggressive, stealing, lying and running away from school.

These symptoms are a call for help, but unfortunately it is very difficult for most parents to accept that their child needs psychiatric intervention at such a young age.

Thus they are reluctant to get him assessed and he is left to deal with his difficulties on his own, sadly his condition gets worse which could affect his social relationships and school performance.

Our advice is for parents who find changes in their child's behavior to seek psychiatric help as soon as possible, in order to avoid deterioration in their child's condition and to allow him to receive the appropriate help to end his suffering.

All of us would like our children to reach their full potential, be happy, healthy and grow into emotionally stable and fulfilled young people.

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